The course has dried out enough to allow carts to stay on the Fairways and cart Paths.  Please avoid the hazzards and any wet areas that would potentially get the carts stuck.  Please join us for a great round of golf this afternoon.  Thank You

Tennis player? 
Come feel the love.

The vibrant Florida Keys Courtry Club offers players the best Hard-Tru courts is the Florida Keys. The courts are professionally maintained daily by watering, scarifying, brushing and rolling to produce a  consistant playing surface. High grade sports lighting eluminate the four, green clay (Har-Tru) courts for evening play. These courts and it's surface are very kind on player's back and joints; courts and a surface you will love!   From the weekly free clinics to the Monroe County Championships, to our annual combined age 100+ tournament, resident pro Richard Lorenzo makes sure there’s always something exciting happening for players of all levels. Find a match, take a lesson or simply enjoy watching the competition from our shaded grand stand area between the courts.

FKCC welcomes non- members to enjoy the best Hard-Tru courts in the Florida Keys!

Contact Richard or 305-849-0297  Ready for a lesson or looking for a match, he’ll get you set up right away. Or you can check out our Pro Shop, right next to the tennis courts, where you’ll find sign up sheets for court times, clinics, tournaments and special events.