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Harbor View Cafe


Welcome to Florida Keys Country Club's number one option for
go-to casual dining. Welcome to...the Harbor View Cafe.

PLEASE CALL: 305-809-7210

Please see our Café menu: LINK

Three worlds meet inside golf, tennis and fishing. Here you will listen as golfers tell stories about the times they almost scored an elusive hole in one. The tennis players will describe their biggest and best serves. And the fishermen? They will just lie, lie, lie!

For large parties, formal events and special days, we offer the upstairs Nautilus Room, which never fails to impress with its breathtaking views of the water. We can accommodate as many as 150 guests. We love hosting dinner parties, dances and wedding receptions. 

In addition to these events, we also host many golf tournaments and community happenings. For each and every one, our restaurant and bar is always a key component, and our experienced planners work with you to make your event all that it can be, whether it be a golf tournament, full day of tennis or social banquet.

A nice cocktail, brisk conversation along with a sated doesn't get any better than that!